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We welcome you to explore

Who we are… our core values… the wide range of services we offer….

why our clients are ecstatic with the results we provide…

We understand that there are few things in life that bring more satisfaction and comfort to an individual than financial peace and security.

There is also nothing more troublesome than to be worried about your financial future.

This financial harmony can be difficult to achieve with the variable economic disruptions the financial markets can bring.

Your financial freedom will come from having your heart and mind free from the worries from those “what-ifs” of life.

Our endeavour is to empower our clients to manage financial risk exposures facing them and to be succeed in the world’s rapidly evolving financial market.

Our success is ultimately fulfilled as you come to gain greater clarity and visibility over a brighter future for yourself and your family.

We invite you to begin “The Journey”

Towards financial peace with us “At Abhaylife”

Our mission is,

To guide a new generation of money – conscious individuals, families, and businesses achieve their financial objectives to build

A Better tomorrow

We fulfill dreams through the experience of investing

Saving money is a trendy subject, now that it’s cooler than ever to get started

We are here to share Money- making Idea’s that’ll add” zeros” to your bank account,

And will help you live large without sacrificing your financial independence But you won’t catch us telling you how to painfully squeeze the last drop out of everything in life.

We are committed to the care and improvement of human life. In recognition of this commitment, we strive to provide our clients with

“As near perfect protection”, “As near perfect service as is humanly possible” and to do so at the lowest possible cost

In pursuit of our mission, we believe the following value statements are essential and timeless.

We recognize and affirm the unique and intrinsic worth of each individual

We act with absolute honesty, integrity and fairness in the way we conduct our business and the way we live our lives.

We are a performance driven culture that uses metrics to ensure continuous improvemen

Abhaylife wealth management private ltd. was founded in 2010,

As an independent Registered Investment Advisory company, located in Guru gram India.

Specializing in helping clients and their families thoughtfully invest for their long-term financial goals via a staff of qualified professionals holding the certified financial planner designations.

We started as a wealth management company, and this service remains at the core of our company.

We offer comprehensive, unbiased, and customized solutions focused on helping our clients protect and grow their wealth. It is our customized approach toward portfolio design that distinguishes us from our peers.

Since each client's financial goals are unique, shouldn't their solutions reflect that reality?

Whereas most firms will construct a financial plan for you, their primary purpose in doing so is to capture and manage your investment assets.

At AbhayLife, we recognize that real financial planning requires us to play a financial management role that goes beyond your investment portfolio.

The financial plan is just the beginning of an advisory process that continues to address all of your financial needs as they arise over the course of your lifetime

Abhaylife acts as your personal financial manager, measuring success by your ability to achieve your financial goals.

Clients of AbhyLife include individuals, families and small business owners seeking a comprehensive financial management service to meet life's financial challenges

We operate with the highest of fiduciary standards and consider a long-term relationship built on trust and transparency to be our ultimate goal.

The founder of Abhaylife have one goal in mind: To build better money management experience for consumer

We're here because more people across the economic spectrum deserve to live secure and rewarding lives.

Why Choose Us?

We recognize that selecting the “right” wealth management firm is a very individual decision and one that has the potential to provide you and your family with financial peace and security.

There is no such thing as a firm that is a perfect fit for everyone and we certainly do not expect to meet every prospective client’s needs.

Since choosing the “right” advisor will have a significant impact on you and your family for years to come, we welcome you to understand and embrace our approach.

At Abhaylife, our clients tell us they enjoy working with us because:

  • We have a wide breadth of experience that covers most of our clients’ financial concerns.

    The breadth of knowledge and experience at abhaylife assures our clients that we have the skills necessary to focus on their important financial matters

  • We are independent and free from third party influence. We offer unbiased, objective advice to help our clients make important decisions.

    As an independent fee-based advisory firm, this independence allows us to focus on our clients’ needs rather than our own. What is best for you is what becomes best for us. we act as a fiduciary

  • We have a pro-active mind set in regards to client service. Clients are an integral part of our family.

    Our focus is on listening, understanding, and caring about our clients’ concerns and then acting to provide assurance and peace of mind to complicated matters.

While working together you can expect…

360º Planning

There is more to financial well-being than just investments.

We take your entire financial life into account, not just the portion we manage


We view transparency to our clients as a core value We take your entire financial life into account, not just the portion we manage. and believe it is essential in creating a relationship built on trust.


A person's value is not measured by their net worth

Act in your best financial interest

We fully abide by a fiduciary on standard which and believe all people should have access to expert financial advice always puts clients interest first regardless of the amount of assets they have to invest.

Investment Advice when & where you need it

you get full access to our personalized advice from our registered advisers by phone, web conference, chat or email which incorporates

Avoid hidden fees

Cut out commissions, transactional and annual fee with one all-in management fee. We have much lower fees than traditional brokers.

Tax & Financial Planning

We believe effective tax (income & estate) planning is essential to successful financial planning. It gives you and your family the greatest probability for achieving your personal goals and provides for maximum wealth transfer

Clear conversion

we have a background that enables us to discuss complex trading strategies with sophisticated investors. However, our specialty is having clear conversations with non-financial clients and discussing investments and objectives in simple terms.

The Highest Professional Standards

As trained certified financial planner, we are devoted to working at the highest level of ethical, professional, and fiduciary standards.

Value for Your Money

We are committed to providing value that exceeds our fee. Doesn’t it make sense that your financial advisor should work to save you more than he or she charges?

Straight Talk

What you’ll always get from us is the truth. As good, or sometimes difficult as that might be, having the right information to make informed decisions usually leads to financial success.

Unlimited Access

Life is constantly changing. We can meet as often as necessary. What’s most important is securing your financial well-being regardless of the number of times it takes for us to meet