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You want to meet the future with confidence. You’ve come to the right place.

You have all kinds of financial needs. We have all kinds of solutions.

We work for you…

We are absolutely committed to providing the highest level of service for the most reasonable fee. If we cannot add value to our relationship, we will be up-front and make an honest recommendation that’s a promise that’s difficult to find in the financial services industry.

What if your finances could make you

feel flexible, fun, and free?

When we work together to provide you

with financial planning services or as-you-need-it financial advice, that’s what’s possible for you.

Whether you need ongoing support, accountability, strategies, and advice -- or

you just have one big problem you want a solution for -

Abhaylife can show you the way forward to a financial life that feels good and leaves you feeling confident.

Personalized guidance for you

We serve a pretty wise group of money – conscious individuals, families, and businesses across the country who are committed to pursuing financial well-being.

People who desire professional guidance and who understand the value of independent, objective advice,

Our clients are busy and work with us because they want to simplify and organize their financial lives. They understand that financial planning is complex, so they seek to work with someone they can trust to make the most of their hard-earned wealth.

If that sounds like you, we'd love to hear from you.

Make the most of your money Get on track to meet your biggest Dreams.

We strive to earn our clients' trust at all times.

They know we take our responsibilities seriously,

And that we believe in being there – Face to face – every step of the way - year after year.

The depth of relationships we develop with our clients is unmatched.

We begin by learning everything we possibly can about them – who they are, what they want, who they care about and how they want to be involved.

We know that if we can fully understand the lives our clients are currently living and the lifestyle they want to maintain into retirement, we can help them determine if they will have assets and cash flow to make that happen.

Some are still very much involved in their careers, have children to educate and possibly care for aging parents. They may have one major wage earner whose income they need to protect in the event of premature death.

Some are retirees. Typically, they are looking for help to prepare for the future while balancing the needs of the present.

Here’s What We Can Accomplish Together:

  • Correcting any problems or issues that might be anchoring you in place and preventing you from making progress now.
  • Strategies to help you identify your goals and action steps to work toward them.
  • Planning for the future - whether that’s something you want to accomplish in 5 years or it’s your retirement in a few decades.
  • Practical financial to-dos, like answering all your questions and addressing concerns along with making sure you have the right accounts, policies, and savings plans in place.
  • Taking care of taxes to maximize your tax efficiency, and other financial priorities as you need them (like estate planning, saving for college, and more).

A Financial Plan Just For You

“We always take into account your complete financial picture,

Including Where you are now and where you want to be in the future

not just what is happening in the world at this moment”

Meet Path: your roadmap to financial freedom.

Abhaylife provides a unique and specific process.

As part of this process, you’ll receive a custom-crafted financial plan that summarizes your financial situation, lays out goals and other milestones we want to hit, and action steps that we’ll take together in order to accomplish what’s important to you.

Financial planning can be messy and overwhelming. We help busy and successful people simplify and organize their financial lives.

We work with clients to sort out complicated financial situations and develop a living, breathing roadmap to help them meet their financial goals.

We focus on what can be controlled and work to help you achieve all of your financial wants and needs.

At its core, financial planning is connecting your money to your life.

What’s included?

In addition, financial planning services include analysis, recommendation, and ongoing support in multiple areas, including:

  • Your overall financial wellness.

    This is the state of your cash flow, how you manage debt (and how to get out of it), your net worth and what’s available for emergencies, as well as life planning for your goals.

  • Your investment goals, strategies, and portfolios.

    We’ll help you figure out the best way to invest your money for the long-term to grow real wealth for the life you want.

  • Your insurance needs –

    Because we want to make sure you, your assets, your stuff, and your family are all protected. You work too hard to leave these areas of life vulnerable, and we’ll work with you to determine the proper amount of coverage for your needs.

  • Your goals for retirement.

    Yes, it’s a long way off and we won’t only talk about that distant future. But it’s still important to consider in your overall financial plan. We’ll make sure you’re on track for your future retirement while helping you achieve today’s goals, too.

  • Every other aspects of your financial life,

    Including education planning, tax management, and estate planning - along with whatever else comes up as you navigate toward financial success.

A La Carte Advice

Just have one question you want a pro to answer?

Need help overcoming a specific financial challenge or problem?

Want a little help here and there, but don’t need to hire a full-time financial planner yet?

Whatever the reason, we understand that sometimes you just need straightforward, to-the-point advice from an expert on specific area in your financial life.

That’s why we offer our A La Carte Advice service.

What’s included?

This is a one-time engagement that’s intended to cover one or two of your financial concerns. Here’s how we’ll work together:

  • We’ll schedule 1 to 3 meetings to understand your concern or question and talk through all the specifics. (Number of meetings will depend on complexity of your project.)
  • We’ll provide you with a written blueprint that summarizes your situation, lays out some solutions, and provides specific action steps that you can take next.

What Should We Talk About?

We’re here to tackle whatever challenge you’re facing or question you need an answer to. But if you’re still not sure exactly what we could cover and provide you with advice, guidance, and a strategy for success on,

Here are some of the popular topics we’ve covered with clients in the past:

Investment Advice

We provide a detailed risk tolerance assessment for our clients to complete. Upon evaluating the results of this assessment, we appropriately allocate investments. We monitor the level of concentration and diversification in the portfolio at a geographic, sector and single stock level and make recommendations accordingly. We use the latest technology to rebalance portfolios to ensure that they stay within acceptable risk limits.

Debt Management

We review the outstanding debt ranging from credit card to mortgage and everything in between. We analyse various factors and work with clients to develop a plan to most effectively manage this debt.

Education Planning

We evaluate what education funds will be needed based on projected costs of higher education, depending on when the funds will be needed and what type of school is intended. Once we establish the funds that will be needed, we do an in depth analysis of funding these needs and what planning opportunities are available. We also evaluate what tax benefits are available and opportunities in scholarship and grants, given the client's financial circumstances.

Retirement Planning

We utilize state-of-the-art software to project retirement costs and develop a plan that optimizes the likelihood for our clients to enjoy their retirement years. This plan will include maximizing various “retirement” accounts and options to maximize social security benefits.

Cash Flow Planning

We analyse our client's' current expenses and annual budget and monitor spending to assure we are making appropriate assumptions in our financial plan. Also, we project long term cash flows to help clients visualize their opportunities and needs.

Tax Planning

While we are not accountants, we provide services to assist in projecting tax costs and make sure our clients are properly filing and receiving sound tax advice from their tax professional. Also, we manage investments and make retirement saving recommendations based upon each client's particular tax situation.

Insurance Needs Analysis (Protection Planning)

We review all insurance coverage and lapses and make recommendations based on individualized risk tolerance and financial circumstances.

Estate Needs Analysis

We provide an overview of estate needs and, if needed, provide references for qualified attorneys to make sure the client's needs are covered.

Our Process

"Integrated wealth management that simplifies your decisions, and your life."

All the pieces of your financial life are related. You can’t decide about one without it impacting another. Helping you see the big picture,we work with all areas of your finances- retirement, investments, tax, and more-to create a customized financial plan that evolves as your circumstance change.

We can help get you where you want to be financially. Your future is our focus

At Abhaylife Wealth Management We will guide you through a process designed to help you achieve your goals. You’ll benefit from our methodical planning approach, where

Every service is integrated, Every decision is informed and, most of all, Every move is made in your best interest.

From advice, to implementation, to ongoing oversight, As your trusted investment advisor we manage your money and help you stay on course toward your goals.We will be with you at every step.

Our team work with you. Our team works for you. Our focus is on your future

We’re here for the moments you hope for—and for the ones you might not expect.

Here’s what it looks like for us to work together

So you can get your custom-crafted financial plan, created by a Certified Financial Planner™:

Step1:- Breaking the Ice

This complimentary introductory meeting can be virtual, by phone, or in person and can be conveniently booked directly through this website.

We’ll have a casual conversation, the purpose is

To learn more about prospective client's needs, what he want to achieve - Describe the services that we provide, and Discuss what will be needed prior to our “first meeting” and to give a chance to client ask questions, get answers, and walk away with the details you need before making any decisions.

Step:-2: Getting Organized in the Discovery Phase

Once you become an Abhaylife client, The planning process starts with your first Discovery meeting. This meeting defines the responsibilities and expectations of both the advisor and the client. Together we identify your goals, values, dreams and any special concerns or challenges.

Step3:- Data gathering

To begin the planning process, we will collect various data to ensure an appropriate framework. Here, we’ll get detailed, we’ll also gather some information to understand where you are so we can chart a course to where you want to be. Most of the data gathering can be collected electronically; although, some information may include paperwork that will be collected in person or by mail.”

Step4:-Investment Strategy Development –

Analysing and evaluating your financial status. After determining your risk tolerance and carefully analysing your current investment portfolio, we develop your asset allocation strategy

Step:-5Crafting Your Financial Plan

Once all data has been gathered, we get to work custom-crafting your financial plan

this is all about you:your needs, priorities, desired outcomes, goals, and more. We crunch the numbers to craft your plan (minus the technical jargon).

The result:a few pages actionable list that are easy to digest and keep organized and maximizes the likelihood of long-term life goal success.

The plan will include recommendations for investment allocations based upon the client's risk tolerance

Step:-6 Designing Your Blueprint [Proposal]

Your plan is like your financial blueprint that you can work from as you start taking the specific, strategic actions required to reach your goals. Together, we’ll work through your plan, answer all your questions, and give you guidance at every turn.

Step:-7 Embarking on Your Journey [[Implementation]

At this stage in the process, we’re actively working on to-dos for you or with you.

Each of us will be responsible for different items, and we’ll help hold you accountable to the actions you need to take.

During this phase, all action items will be addressed in an appropriate timeliness. This is the stage where all of the work and preparation is put into motion. Different action items will have different time frames.

We will work with the client to insure that all items are addressed at the appropriate time and you understand the pros and cons of every choice you make so you can choose the best option for you each time.

Step:-8 Monitoring

The monitoring stage begins as soon as the first action item of the plan is carried out.

Monitoring includes making sure the recommended plan is carried out and also ensuring that any material facts that could alter the plan are well communicated.

Both the advisor and the client have various responsibilities in monitoring the plan.

Step:-9 Annual Reviews

We require a meeting annually to update risk tolerance, changes in long-term goals, lifestyle changes and update the plan.

The annual meeting can be done either in person or virtually and will normally last 1-2 hours.

We also recommend at least one informal update every six months to ensure both advisor and client are on the same page and the plan is still appropriate. The semi-annual update is less formal and can be done in person, virtual or over the phone and normally lasts about 15-30 minutes.

If preferable to the client, we are available and enjoy the opportunity to meet more frequently.

Lastly, we recommend any material life change to be communicated immediately.